Almost all the operations of Calvary Community Church are funded by tithes and offerings.  The church has no financial debt, and maintains at least a three-month operating reserve.  When tithes and offerings through the year are less than the budgeted amount, expenses are reduced so that the year-end result is balanced, although occasionally we have used reserves to make up a deficit.

The following shows the percentage change in tithes and offerings

compared to the prior year:

                                            Year          % Change From Prior Year


                                           2006                          +6.2%

                                           2007                          +5.4% 

                                           2008                          +3.8% 

                                           2009                          -3.9% 

                                           2010                          +8.3% 

                                           2011                          -0.2% 

                                           2012                          -0.3% 

                                           2013                          -1.7% 

                                           2014                          -0.8% 

                                           2015                          +1.7%

The Pastoral Search Committee will share more detailed information with individual applicants later in the application process. 

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