Our ministries - Youth

Calvary Community Church's youth ministry exists to disciple students who will be devoted to God and each other and who joyfully demonstrate their love for God in their world. 

The youth pastor oversees volunteer leaders who are committed to sharing their lives with the students in their small groups.  There are 24 small group leaders who are committed to shepherding a group of 5-10 students from grades 6-12.

Sunday school

There is a combined class of middle and high school students, designed to help them grow Biblically and relationally with God and one another.  Over the last four years, attendance each year has averaged from 6 to 12 students. 



The Student Ministry Team is a group of 10 high school students who meet on Sunday nights.  The youth pastor disciples these students and equips them to do peer-to-peer ministry at church and at school.

Calvary university

Calvary University is a monthly program for high school juniors and seniors to help them prepare for long-lasting faith in Jesus after they graduate.  Attendance has averaged between 3 and 13 students per month for the last four years.

wednesday night youth group

Calvary Community Church has had two youth ministers in the last 30 years, and during that time the Wednesday night youth group has been a foundation of their ministry.  Wednesday night is a time for middle and high school students to experience God and fellowship with one another.  It is known around our community for solid Biblical teaching, powerful worship, and strong small groups.

Average Attendance:

                              Middle              High

                                School             School

2015                     32                   39

2014                     55                   43

2013                     58                   60

2012                     56                   62

2011                     58                   80


Calvary has  long history of camping ministry.  For the last 30 years, camp has been held at Mayfield Lake Youth Camp.  The vision for camp is to provide an atmosphere where students will grow deeper in their relationship with God, experience God for the first time, and have the most fun possible.  We want them to leave camp knowing that God loves them and that He has provided a family for them called the church.

Hundreds of kids have accepted Christ as their Savior at camp.  Hundreds of others have rededicated their lives to Christ.

Youth camp is fully-staffed by volunteers plus three members of the pastoral staff.  Three other churches currently send their youth and youth workers to our camp.


                 Middle        High

                   School       School

2015         102              148

2014         106              108

2013          89               106

2012         119              129

2011          90               156


Students also have the opportunity to attend fall and winter retreats.  These mini-camps are an opportunity to grow in their relationship with God and each other.



The youth ministry values discipling students through missions trips and has provided these opportunities since 2008: 


                                     2008      LA Dream Center (26 teens/adults) 


                                     2009      San Francisco (26 teens adults) 


                                     2010      Thailand (15 teens/adults) 


                                     2011      Night Strike Portland (8 teens) 


                                     2011      Merlin, Oregon (24 teens/adults) 


                                     2012      Thailand (15 teens/adults) 


                                     2013      Night Strike Portland (15 teens) 


                                     2015      Thailand (18 teens/adults)

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