A brief history of

Calvary Community Church

In 1936, Pastor and Mrs. Frances Sturgeon of Centralia held street meetings in downtown Longview, attracting people of various denominations with their preaching and their music. In April of 1937, a charter membership of 12 was formed, and the Longview Revival Tabernacle was established at 620 Oregon Way. 

Throughout the next several decades, many different changes would occur. The Longview Revival Tabernacle became the Longview Assembly of God after affiliating  with the Assemblies of God in 1954. In the 1960s, the church voted to discontinue its affiliation with a specific denomination, and changed its name to Calvary Temple.  In 1971,  the church changed the name once more to better reflect the interdenominational ministry and makeup of the church family, and thus it became known as Calvary Community Church. In the late 1970s, land was purchased and construction began on our building here on 38th Avenue. Construction of the original complex was completed in 1979, and the Family Center/Gymnasium was added in 1984.

There have been many pastors who have provided leadership for the church over the last 80 years, including Guy DeVries, Carl Gunderson, Roland Bixler, William Kirschke, William Paris, Howard King, and Galen Conrad. Currently, Pastor Eugene Curry serves as our head pastor.

Throughout the years and in the midst of many changes, God has continued to bless Calvary Community Church. Our church continues to grow in grace as an evangelical body as we reach out to our community with an emphasis on excellent preaching, family ministry, music, and programs for children and youth.