The purpose of the Men’s Ministry of Calvary Community Church is to love and serve the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love our brothers as ourselves. It is our prayer and heart’s desire that He might use us to nurture spiritual growth, provide Christian fellowship, and offer opportunities for service to each man who is seeking.



Our Men’s Ministry Board consists of ten laymen plus the Family Life Pastor. We meets once a month to organize, review, and pray for our activities.

Bible Study


Bible Studies are held weekly. Current Bible Study at the church: Wednesdays, 10 am



Generally once a year, we might hold a Sweethearts Dinner, a Parent/Child Dinner, or some kind of family banquet. 

Accountability Groups


We have several small accountability groups that meet on a regular basis for the purpose of spiritual growth and to hold each other accountable for changes we want, with God’s help, to bring about in our lives. 



Handyman/Brown Baggers - This group was formed to reach out to those in our congregation who need some work done and are unable to do it themselves. We have done yard work, cleaned gutters, fixed autos, repaired plumbing, cut wood, etc. for the elderly, widows, and single mothers.