Giving Transition Information

Dear Church Family,    

Our mission is to better steward every gift contributed to our church, and that’s why, effective immediately, we’re beginning to use Breeze as our new online and text-giving platform. We truly appreciate that many of you took advantage of our previous giving platform (SimpleGive), either through one-time or recurring gifts, and we’re excited to transition over to Breeze for all future online and text donations.  A lot of thought went into switching giving providers, and ultimately, because of all the benefits that come with using Breeze, we decided it was the right move for us. First, we already use Breeze as our church management system, and online giving is built-in. This means we don’t have to pay an additional monthly fee for giving software (like we were doing) and we can put that money back into the church. Plus, it helps us consolidate tools and manage all gifts in one secure system making daily admin tasks much easier (such as running year-end giving statements for our members).  This new system is currently up and running, so we encourage everyone to start using Breeze right away! Here’s how to get started:

Next Steps for One-Time Gifts   

Going forward, if you’d like to give a one-time gift, give using Breeze by clicking here and following the instructions on the page. Or, you can click on the "Giving" heading on the menu bar at the top of our website.


Next Steps for Recurring Givers  

If you’re a Recurring Giver in our previous system, first cancel the gift within their system.  Then, click on "Giving" on the menu bar ot the top of our website. (If you can't find it, click here instead.)   Enter the amount you'd like to give. Click the dropdown that shows the words “one time gift’ and select a different frequency from the menu (weekly, every two weeks, monthly, yearly). Select your Payment Method and click “Continue".  Now, enter your Contact and Payment Information and choose if you would like to cover the processing fees.  Click the "Give $" button. 

We truly appreciate your help as we make this transition. It is through your generous gifts that we’re able to make a real impact in our community when people need it most. We’re so grateful for your continued support which allows Calvary Community Church to be faithful to our mission!

If you have any questions, please contact the church office at 360-423-1160, option 0.

Thank you!