Senior pastor position

Job description

The Senior Pastor will be considered a full-time pastoral position.  He will be appointed for an indefinite period of time by the Church Council in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.   The Senior Pastor shall have a preaching and teaching ministry as his primary responsibility, clearly expounding and practically applying God’s Truth to the church congregation.

He shall also serve as the chief administrator of the church and shall, therefore, be responsible to the daily management of the general program through supervision of the pastoral and office staffs.  The Senior Pastor may delegate the supervision of the daily management of the pastoral and office staffs to the Associate Pastor but has the ultimate responsibility.

The Senior Pastor shall be responsible for the development of lay leadership and shall participate as an ex-officio member of boards.   The Senior Pastor may also delegate some of the responsibility of development of the lay leadership to appropriate pastoral or staff but has the ultimate responsibility.


The Senior Pastor shall have primary responsibility for all church services.  He may delegate certain responsibilities but has the ultimate responsibility for all services.  The pulpit is his to do with or delegate services but it remains his sole possession.

The Senior Pastor is expected to provide support in meeting the pastoral care requirements of Calvary Community Church;  such support shall include supervision and delegation of duties by staff and pastoral staff, preaching, pastoral visitation, in crises care and/or counseling.


The specific responsibilities of the Senior Pastor shall include the following:

    a.  Worship Leadership:  The Senior Pastor is granted the freedom to preach the principles and ideals of the Holy Scripture as he is given the light to interpret them. 

    b.  Counseling:  He shall be expected to participate in pastoral counseling which arises out of his work relationships in the church and community. 

    c.  Visitation:  He shall participate in visitation that arises out of his ministry contacts.  It is expected that this would include some hospital, marital and/or crises visitation. 

    d.  Teaching:  He will be expected to develop his own teaching ministry, in addition to providing depth in the teaching ministry of the church, teaching helps to sustain a balance between personal study and the other demands of professional life.  The teaching ministry could be expressed in any (or all) of the following areas:  Sunday School class, Bible study, the Pulpit, leadership training, small discipleship groups, or one-on-one exhortation outlets. 

    e.  Fellowship:  He will be open to participate in fellowship events which will enable him and his family to be refreshed and to sustain contact with all segments of the congregation.

    f.  Membership:  Become an active member of Calvary Community Church.
    a.  HE WILL BE EXPECTED TO ACT IN AN ADVISORY CAPACITY for the pastoral staff and to all members and boards of the church.

    b.  HE SHALL BE THE OPERATING HEAD OF THE CHURCH, delegating specific assignments and providing such instructions and guidance as needed;    the goal being coordinated direction to the church in attaining its objectives.

    c.  He shall be the CHAIRMAN of, and accountable to the Church Council.

    d.  He shall be the spiritual leader and administrator and responsible for and supervising the various departments of the church in accordance with the provisions of the church constitution and bylaws and counsel with the Board of Deacons and/or the Church Council.  It is understood that he may delegate some of the duties but has the ultimate responsibilities. 

    a.  He shall be responsible for defining the job descriptions of the pastoral and other staff members.  He may utilize the personnel committee to assist him.

    b.  He may delegate staff specific responsibilities to the pastoral and other staff and the members of both shall keep him informed of activities within their portfolios and departments of activities.

    c.  He shall conduct the annual personnel performances of the pastoral and other staff.  The resulting written performances shall be submitted to the personnel committee on an annual basis along with recommendations of merit increases and shall be done in time for the personnel committee to put together its recommendations to the budget committee.

    d.  He will allow pastoral and other staff the freedom to act creatively within the areas of their responsibilities and will endeavor to keep open lines of communication with the pastoral and the other staff, the Church Council, and congregation in order that meaningful dialogue will take place for the enrichment of the church’s ministry outreach.

    e.  He shall be an ex-officio member of all boards, but will assign members of the pastoral staff and congregation to be resource persons for specific assignments and/or consultation.

    f.  He shall be responsible for the leading, organizing, planning and control to assure fulfillment of the churches program and may delegate some of the functions to pastoral members to assist.

    g.  He shall provide leadership and counsel to members of the pastoral and other staff.  Any directives touching upon the conduct or duties of the staff shall be prepared in consultation with him.

    h.  He shall have as his primary responsibilities the following:
         1. Preaching
         2. Pastoral calling, particularly emergency calling
         3. Perform weddings and conduct funerals
         4. Counseling, as time permits
         5. Conduct or supervise all worship services, being responsible for the Sunday Guide to worship.


  1. The senior pastor shall maintain a healthy working atmosphere with the other members of the pastoral and other staff.  Such a working relationship must be characterized by trust, mutual support and open communications to sustain a give-and-take management approach.  Ideas must be discussed thoroughly to produce the best approach.  Weekly meeting with the Associate/Assistant/Youth Pastors are ideal.

  2. The demanding nature of the Senior Pastor’s position requires a strong family support.  Time off will be adhered to and measurable objectives for time with family to be part of the mutual accountability. 

  3. The Pastor of Family Life will be expected to develop his own specific, measurable objectives for each the aforementioned responsibilities.


The Senior Pastor will be expected to have the following:

    a. Christian Maturity Appropriate For an “Overseer”
         (1) Deep love for God
         (2) Character in accord with 1 Timothy 3; Titus 1; 1 Peter 5:4
         (3) Ministry must have support of family

    b. Quality Inter-Personal Skills
         (1) Ability to work with both the staff and congregation
         (2) Warm and outgoing personality, approachable

    c. Good Communication Skills
         (1) Oral, i.e. phone manners and written
         (2) Good listener

    d. Able Administrator
         (1) Well developed organizational skills
         (2) A proven record as a facilitator/enabler

    e. Additional Personal Attributes
         (1) An attractive and professional demeanor
         (2) Must be self-starting, flexible, innovative
         (3) Committed to family

    a. Ability to organize, motivate and work through others

    b. Graduate Degree from a recognized theological seminary

    c. Minimum of five years successful pastoral tenure

    a. Under the pressure of criticism and/or deadlines

    b. Independently without the need for constant supervision

    c. Inter-dependently as a team player, not a soloist

    d. In a give-and-take relationship with others, strong lay and professional individuals.


See Personnel Guidelines


$_________________ per month

Housing Allowance (A designated amount could be allocated from the Base Salary at the discretion of the Senior Pastor if he is ordained (per Internal Revenue Rulings))


Professional Reimbursement Fund
1. Mileage at current Internal Revenue Rulings
2. Books and periodical purchases made subject to budget
3. Office supplies (subject to approval of staff secretary)


In addition to his annual vacation, he shall be given time to attend a workshop or conference for further education.


40+ hours/week


In the event of resignation by the Senior pastor or discharge by the Church, a 60 day notice shall be given.  However, by mutual consent, this time period can be waived and/or negotiated.


Personnel guidelines shall be an inclusive part of this job description and in the case of conflict shall supersede any of the above contents. 

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