As our name suggests, Calvary Community Church is an independent congregation not affiliated with any denomination or larger organization.  Many years ago Calvary Community Church incorporated as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the state of Washington.  We operate under our Church Constitution.

Membership is open to those 16 and over who "give evidence of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ," complete a membership class, and accept the church's tenets of faith and constitution.

At the annual congregational meeting, we adopt a budget and elect members to serve on three boards - the Deacons, the Deaconesses, and the Trustees.

The Deacons serve with the Pastor in attending to spiritual matters.  The Deaconesses serve the church under the direction of the Pastor, prepare communion elements, and assist in many church functions.  The Trustees have primary responsibility for the church property and finances.

Together, the three boards plus the Senior Pastor form the Church Council, which under the constitution is "the official governing body of the church."

The Pastor is the chairman of the Council, and an ex-officio member of all committees.  He may appoint members of the Pastoral Staff, subject to confirmation of the Church Council, and may terminate any of the Pastoral Staff with the approval of the Deacons.  

Office staff serve at the Pastor's discretion.

Our governing structure is based on a democratic foundation, has built-in checks and balances, and has served Calvary Community Church well.

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